April Showers Bring May Flowers…

April Showers Bring May Flowers…

You’ve heard it said, “April Showers Bring May Flowers.” This statement is certainly true in my life. The Month of May is always filled with joy and laughter for me.  Besides the fact that my birthday is May 16th, I’m always excited about celebrating life and motherhood with my own Mom, sisters and children.

May is also the month that My Sister’s Keeper Foundation for Women reaches out to the community to serve mothers of children who are hospitalized at Children’s Healthcare of Atlanta-Egleston Hospital on Mother’s Day weekend. MSK has also has chosen to honor the women who have completed our 9 month Leadership and Life Coaching Program, award women in our program with financial scholarships toward their education and professional development, and assist single mothers with extra-curricular and summer camp vouchers for their children.

Last year, I celebrated my 50th birthday with a Fabulous and Fierce Birthday Gala and fundraiser for My Sister’s Keeper Foundation for Women. I am still enjoying fond memories and pictures from this momentous event a year later. You may ask why I chose to celebrate my birthday giving back to women and why each year I look for new ways to advance and empower women in my community? I’m not sure of all of the implications. However, I believe my opening statement speaks to the heart of why I have chosen to live my life in this manner.

I have experienced many moments and seasons where it seemed that life was not treating me fair. I’ve had rainy seasons and times when I thought I was being over-looked and forgotten. I can relate to failure and struggle and times of confusion where I needed clarity concerning my purpose. But in all that I have accomplished and overcome, I realize as I approach my 51st birthday, that it was the rainy seasons of my life that have produced the flowers that I enjoy now.

It was the showers of failing at my first attempt at college that has produced the flowers of education and the opportunities that are afforded to me as result of the degrees I now hold. It was the lessons learned from past hurts and failed relationships that produced the flowers of healthy relationships with my husband, children, mother, sisters, girlfriends and countless women that I now coach and mentor.

The month of May is a month that I have chosen to celebrate all of life. Whether bad or good, life is worth celebrating. Not only have I chosen to celebrate me, I have chosen to celebrate you! For whether you realize it or not, it is the rainy seasons of your life that has produced the most growth you could ever imagine. Enjoy this season and every season because, “April Showers ‘really do’ Bring May Flowers!”


Dr. Toni

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