Building Legacy

Building Legacy

Last Wednesday, May 16th, I celebrated my 49th Birthday!  I started to do a new blog post on that day, but I really couldn’t articulate at the moment how and what I was feeling.  The truth is, I have been reflecting since last week about the word “legacy” and asking myself “What will my legacy be?”

As a coach, I have posed that question to many women.  As a pastor, I have challenged my parishioners to identify and seek God for clarity.  As a preacher, I have tried to stir and ignite passion in my listeners.  As a wife, I have co-labored and partnered with my husband in all of his endeavors.  As a mother, I share nuggets of insight and wisdom while nurturing my children’s gifts and talents.

Yet, the question remains, “What will my legacy be?”.  It hit me today, when I thought about all of the things listed above. Legacy is the thing you do whether or not you are being paid to do it.  Legacy is the reason you get out of bed in the morning.  Legacy is the thing that makes you laugh, cry, angry and sad when it’s missing.

Building legacy takes time.  Building legacy requires patience, energy and passion.  Building legacy is something you do on a daily basis.

Here’s what I want my legacy to be: I lived, I loved, I forgave, I worked hard, I played hard,  I left something in this world that made it a better place than when I found it!


Dr. Toni

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