Follow Your Heart

Follow Your Heart

The American Heart Association has named February as “American Heart Month.”  This month will be filled with all sorts of events and initiatives aimed at helping us live healthier lives and avoid behaviors that increase our potential for heart disease, heart attacks and strokes.

The human heart is viewed as one the most significant organs of the human body and affects the healthy function of every major system in the body.  When the heart is unhealthy is affects other major organs causing them to eventually fail and threaten our lives.

This thought prompted me to question, “How important is it to have a healthy heart in pursuing our dreams?”  Aside from the natural causes and effects, I’m really thinking about the importance of having the right dreams and passions lodged in our heart such that we will be lead down a path toward our purpose and destiny.  Without the proper diet, exercises and the right people checking up on our heart, we will miss the subtle issues that will lodge itself right in the center of our hearts.

Let’s do a heart check-up right here:  Allow me to ask you some coaching questions that if answered properly can ensure that your heart is healthy enough to follow.  What fears are lodged in your heart that keep you from pursuing your purpose and destiny?”  “What books, materials and programs are you engaging that challenge you and keep your heart muscles growing and strong?”  “Who are the coaches and mentors who challenge you to grow and develop plans for reaching your goals and vision?”

Finally, “When was the last time you checked to see if things in your life are working properly?”

If you are in a regular pattern of doing “heart checks”, you will ensure that you always have something in your heart worth going after.  If you find that you have big dreams and bodacious passions, you are in good health and your heart is alive and pumping.

We have entered into the 2nd month of a new year and if you haven’t done so already, get your heart checked and “Follow Your Heart!”


Dr. Toni

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