Go The Distance!

Go The Distance!

Wow! I can’t believe we are nearing the end of another year.  We have entered into the 4th quarter of the year and it seems like 2012 just began.  It’s usually about this time of the year that we begin shifting our minds toward a New Year making festive plans to fellowship with friends and family around holiday gatherings.  Yet, this can also be a season where we become weary of the year. Many people suffer with holiday blues, loneliness and fears about the future as they reflect over failed plans and dreams that appear to be on delay.

In talking to distance runners, I discovered that in order for one to complete the run, one must prepare, pace oneself and keep their eyes on the prize.  Additionally, distance runners must pace themselves and remain focused to avoid the distractions set by those who run alongside them.

In my race for life, I have learned to remember the reasons why I started out on this journey. I’ve made it by keeping my physical and spiritual stamina in tack.  I’ve employed the skills and expertise of mentors and coaches and kept healthy relationships with friends and family.  I’ve often made adjustments to the timelines of my personal and professional goals.  And while stoking the fire of my own dreams, passions and desires, serving as a mentor and coach to those God put in my path.

This is a time of year when we often need someone to encourage us to keep moving ahead amid life’s many challenges.  It’s also a time when we gain great joy as we look into the future and perceive that we only have a little ways to travel in accomplishing our goals and plans.

As you reflect back over 2012, with only 21/2 months remaining, allow me to inspire you to stay focused. Be encouraged and….

Go The Distance!

Dr. Toni

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