Paying It Forward

Paying It Forward

Occasionally a woman will come to me asking to sponsor another woman to the MSK Leadership & Life Coaching Program. Over the years we have received numerous donations to assist us in meeting the academic and extracurricular needs for the children of Single Mothers or women who are returning to school for academic and professional development through our Margaret G. Baker Second Chance Award.

One of the reasons I have dedicated my life to the empowerment of women is because of the women who have shared their resources of insight and wisdom with me through coaching and mentoring relationships. Not only have I given much of my time but I have dedicated a good portion of my income to ensure that My Sister’s Keeper Foundation for Women can fulfill its’ mission in the advancement of the women who engage our community.

Well this year, I’m so excited that as we are preparing for our 7th Leadership and Life Coaching Focus Group, three of our graduates have caught on to the spirit of MSK! Often we receive applications from women who desire to enter our program but for some women finances is an obstacle for their participation in the program.

Because one of our organizational guiding principles is authentic relationships we desire to build a cadre of women who are not only concerned with themselves, but women who have made a personal commitment to ensuring that another woman can take advantage of an opportunity to discover and fulfill her life mission and purpose. To this end, I want to personally thank Errin Baugh (Class of 2009), Noreen Raines (Class of 2012) and Tanya Henderson (Class of 2013) for reaching back and sponsoring a woman to our 2013-2014 Leadership and Life Coaching Program!

I’m always amazed at those who are selfless in the way they live who will sacrifice on behalf of others. It’s because of women and donors like Errin, Noreen and Tanya that MSK continues to “Move Women from Average to Excellence!”

Catch the Spirit of MSK & Pay It Forward!

Dr. Toni G. Alvarado,  CEO/Lead Coach

My Sister’s Keeper Foundation for Women

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