Seasons, Time, & Purpose

Seasons, Time, & Purpose

September is one of those transitional months that bring about a change in the season.  This is the month that we transition from the Summer into the Fall Season and second to Spring it’s my favorite time of the year! As I think about the seasons changing I am excited about what this season will bring with it.

In my first book, Run & Not Be Weary: The Pursuit of Purpose & Destiny, I speak of seasons and how we must prepare for season changes in our life.  Consider this notion, “Within each season, our responsibility is to manage and complete our God-given purpose, regardless of its difficulty or duration. Then, in God’s appointed time, we must prepare ourselves to change along with the seasons of life” (pp. 23).

The changing of the seasons affords us the opportunity to reflect, retool and refocus. While you’re noticing the color of the leaves, trees and temperature of the breeze change with this fall season, take note of the seasons time and purpose of your life.  Take the time to reflect on lessons learned from previous seasons. Retool by taking an inventory of what you have lost and gained and what skills you will need to be successful in the new season.  Finally, refocus on the big picture and why your life has meaning and purpose.

Make Ready & Enjoy This Season!

Dr. Toni

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