Seizing New Opportunities in This New Year!

Seizing New Opportunities in This New Year!

I have been buzzing around with excitement and anticipation for a new year!  It could be because I will be turning 50 this year and I’m looking forward to what the second half of my life will be.

As I’ve been talking with people, there seems to be a general sense that this year is going to be a year full new opportunities.  Yet, with each opportunity come new threats and obstacles that can diffuse our excitement and deflate our energy for seizing them. Every opportunity we are afforded will come with new responsibilities and will need to be met with adjustments to our attitudes, habits relationships, routines and schedule.

In order to make such adjustments we must first start with a new way thinking.  It has been said that one’s attitude will determine one’s altitude. However, attitudes are the sum total of the way in which one thinks.  If you enter a new opportunity thinking negatively then it is likely that you will only see the challenges and obstacles.  But if you enter into each new opportunity with the expectation that you were built for the challenges then you will create the environment for success and overcome each obstacle.

Seizing opportunities requires creativity and an attitude that can see possibilities with every challenge.  One accomplishes this by a having spirit that is determined to forge ahead amid uncertainties. People who succeed in this way are people who find solutions to every possible problem and enjoy the rewards that come with the newness of each opportunity.

Carpe Diem!

Dr. Toni

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