The New Year Brings New Opportunities

The New Year Brings New Opportunities

With each passing year we get older and wiser.  Many begin the year with resolutions about their health, money and relationships.  Some begin the year with resolutions about their education, personal and professional development.  What I enjoy most about beginning a brand new year is the opportunities that come within that year.

This year I’m particularly excited about the opportunities that I have been afforded to expand the reach of my non-profit work in empowering women. I’m happy to announce that My Sister’s Keeper Foundation For Women will partner with the Bonner Scholars Program of Spelman College in Atlanta, Georgia. This partnership will afford MSK the opportunity to coach a focus group of seniors who will be graduating Spring 2014.

Like MSK, here are a few things you can do to prepare yourself to seize new opportunities:

  • Resolve that whatever you did not accomplish last year can still be accomplished.
  • Revisit past opportunities to assess what new opportunities may exist.
  • Sharpen your skills through coaching, education, professional development and training opportunities.
  • Synergize your efforts by partnering with people and volunteering in organizations with similar focus and passion.

Historically, Spelman College has prepared some of the brightest young women who go on to impact their communities and society at large. What a great opportunity for MSK to coach these young women. As you progress through this year look for great opportunities to come your way.

Happy New Year & New Opportunities,

Dr. Toni G. Alvarado, CEO/Lead Coach

MSK Foundation

“Moving Women from Average to Excellence”

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