The Power of Connection

The Power of Connection

This week, I had the privilege of speaking to a dynamic audience of women in Atlanta at the Pink Power MasterMind Conference for Women. It was an amazing gathering of women from all walks of life. The conference was packed with powerful speakers with the sole purpose of empowering women to own their unique power to lead. One of my takeaways from the conference was the idea that women are more powerful when we connect with the right agenda, motives and persons.

Connectivity is the state or quality of being connected. It suggests that we do not exist outside of our communities and our communities do not exist outside of our influence. We each bring something unique to the table and without the uniqueness that each person brings our communities are impoverished.

During the Pink Power Conference, I sat through some great presentations and listened to a wealth of insight and knowledge that was applicable to my own life and work. I celebrated with women who were being honored for their accomplishments in the community and workplace.

What I appreciated the most about the conference was the unselfish sharing of information and resources that assisted women in being successful in business, entrepreneurship, and life in general. I laughed, cried and rejoiced as women shared candidly from their stories of struggle and triumph in business. While I too was there to share as a speaker, I also came away empowered to accomplish and be all that God has created me to be.

Here’s what I leave with you:

  • Find a group of positive people and connect on a common goal or similar passion.
  • Be your authentic self and show up every time you are needed in a particular setting.
  • Trust what’s inside of you and pour out freely because the community desperately needs what you have to offer.
  • Celebrate the gifts, opportunities and uniqueness of others and remain open to what they can offer you.


It’s the Power of Connection!


Dr. Toni

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